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Transplanted Here

Transplanted Here is a series that shines light on the journey of setting up a business abroad. Each episode brings you candid conversations with different founders, global innovators, and risk-takers that have moved to unfamiliar places to start businesses.
Produced by Draper Startup House (a global entrepreneurship ecosystem with physical spaces all around the world) and The Financial Coconut, this series brings you stories of why and how these amazing innovators make their mark on foreign land.

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Ep 3: What Is It Like to Start a Food & Beverage Business in Singapore? – Dustin and Iris from Monument Lifestyle

In episode 3 of Transplanted Here, we will explore what is it like to start a Food & Beverage business in Singapore. Starting an F&B establishment here can be quite a struggle. Margins are often small, a lot of staffing is required, initial capital injections can be very high. So how can we manage that?

Our Guest today are Dustin and Iris, the dynamic duo behind Monument Lifestyle, a local cafe chain with dedicated retail spaces to power local fashion brands like, Jellycat, Duxton and Duxton Kids. Join us as they share their story of how moved from California, to the tech scenes in Singapore, and eventually importing a F&B concept from their hometown into Singapore.

You will get to hear their journey of starting their own F&B business in Singapore. What are some insights of starting a business in Singapore? With no initial experience of doing an F&B business, what are some challenges they faced and how did they overcome them? How COVID affected them and how they managed to bring together a plethora of talents in Singapore for collaboration during that period? What is their experience of setting up a family and raising kids in Singapore? Tune in to find out!

Ep 2: Realities to Recognise When Starting Professional Service Businesses in Singapore – Erin Padilla from Accela

In episode 2 of Transplanted Here, we will explore how Singapore’s professional space have evolved over time and some realities you have to recognise to stand out from your competition if you are seeking to set up your own practice here. Having one of the most developed professional services ecosystem, you can easily set up a business in Singapore, even without setting foot here. But there are some key things to look out for.

Our Guest today is Erin Padilla from Accela, a business platform that provides a suite of professional services to companies trying to set up shop in Singapore. Join us as she shares her story of how she moved from the great plains of Nebreska in the US, to starting her career in politics to a corporate consultancy in an MNC and eventually setting up shop in Singapore.

You will get to hear her experience and reasons of transitioning from working at an MNC to starting her own professional service business in Singapore. What is the progression like? How did she get investors on board? What have been some of the toughest challenges she have faced building her business in Singapore? How to get customers and stand out for your professional services business? Tune in to find out!

Ep 1: What It Takes To Set Up a Venture Capital Fund in Singapore – Amra Naidoo from Accelerating Asia

In episode 1 of Transplanted Here, we will explore the intricacies of setting up your own venture capital fund in Singapore. Singapore is a Global Financial Hub. There is an understanding in the region that, whether you are interested to invest in a VC fund or set up your own venture fund, Singapore is a must. But what are some of the intricacies and challenges of wooing investors and creating a stable deal flow if you are a micro venture fund?

Our guest, Amra Naidoo, shares her experience of moving from Zimbabwe to Australia and eventually setting up an award-winning flagship accelerator, Accelerating Asia, in Singapore. They have also set up a $5million micro venture fund to support startups in their ecosystem.

In this episode, she dive deep to share her thoughts and experiences of what drove her to Singapore. How did she come to Singapore? What is her transition like?

Being heavily involved in the startup ecosystem in the region, she shares perspectives on some of the good, bad and ugly of raising funds in Singapore. How to go about raising funds in Singapore? How did she approach fund raising when she first started the accelerator? What are things that have gone wrong when raising fund for startups? Tune in to find out!