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In this series, we bring on interesting, relevant people to help you learn better from various perspectives. Life is not always about learning from people that you already agree with. We believe perspectives shape a rounder thinker.

How Seedly Maintains An Unbiased Stance [Chills with TFC 113]

Is anything truly unbiased? Even our own views and opinions are never truly unbiased. However there is one company out there that boasts it’s unbiasedness. Seedly, the unbiased finance assistant platform that aims to help users make smarter financial decisions through their expense tracking app and crowdsourced knowledge, makes it their mission to ensure that all the information put out on their forums are unbiased. How do they do it? Learn their strategy to combating biasedness on this episode of Chills with TFC!

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TOP Financial Blogger Enters Wealth Advisory, Investment Moats gone rogue? [Chills 112 with Kyith]

A step in the journey of financial wealth is the financial plan, a part where most people get lost and confused as to where and how to begin. Most times when in a situation like this, we tend to turn to “influencers” for a solution but as you go on you notice the pieces of advice they give are pieces for an entire different puzzle set.

Getting your financial plan checked and revised is an important step to financial wealth but before we get to that, we have other crucial questions to ask like, “how do i find the right financial advisor” or “Can I trust robot advisors?”. Well who better to advise you than the best financial blogger in Singapore! We’ll give you the scoop on tips and tricks to managing your plan, key things to look for in a financial advisor and much more!

Our guest today is none other than the Kyith Ng aka the big man behind the blog “investment moats”. Kyith’s goal is to share his experiences making sense of money, how it works and ways to make it grow, hoping that season investors can advice and critique his decisions and new investors are able to learn from them.

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“Sustainable Renovation” is smart budgeting for tomorrow! [Chills 111 ft Solar AI, Tingkat & Gush]

Sustainability has become a fashionable idea, everything seems to need to be aligned with it, and sometimes it feels a little much. But did you realize that the wet market is already a very sustainable system? Where is the packaging? So it seems, maybe being sustainable is not always about moving forward and embracing new ideas but looking back and wondering, is there a way to live well without hurting our planet?

Today we focus on renovation. A big step forward for young couples in Singapore. While many are renovating, the 2 extremes are “this is my home, we must use the best” and “we just spent a lot on the home, maybe we want to avoid a renovation loan?”But is there a sweet spot between the 2 extremes that lets us live comfortably, sustainably and cost-friendly?

Joining us today are Start-up founders, Bolong Chew from Solar AI, Lester Leong from “the very expensive paint company” GUSH and Corporate Sustainability Advisor Pamela from!

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Is there such a thing as “Rich Enough”? How much hustle will you go? [Chills with TFC 110 with DareToFinance]

 Have you ever been in this scenario? 

Me: “Wow working life is so tiring.. I want to stop working when I’m 50. But can I afford to do so? ” or “I wanna travel the world and eat this and buy that… but how will I ever afford it?”

We all have desires and it is always in a tussle with “how much do we want to put in?” The road of endless accumulation may not be something everyone wants to go on, how far will you go? 

Well if this is you then tune in to this episode of Chills with TFC as we sit down with Darren and Sakura from Dare To Finance and talk about how YOU can start planning for your dream life!

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Dating on a Budget: LDR [Chills 109 with Cheryl and Chris]

I cannot imagine being in an LDR, the lack of touch, the endless thoughts and the sheer distance, I simply can’t. Then there is weird Farmer Chris and now wife Cheryl that did 3 years of LDR. They just got married and Chris says “LDR is cheaper and better la!”. Does this mean I can now adjust my Tinder location and embark on my new budget dating strategy? Wow.

Join us on this weeks episode of Chills as we discuss Cheryl and Chris’ LDR experience and how being in an LDR might have been the best money saving strategy for THEM! And maybe for you too?

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Can Muslims invest? Sharia Investments Explained [Chills 108 with Tysha & Raj]

Is this stock halal? Oh it isn’t? Isit true that Muslims cannot make interest returns? Is wealth accumulation a taboo? It’s difficult looking for Shariah Compliant investments isn’t it?

Islamic finance has evolved throughout the years, from the days of merchant trading to structured investment products governed by the principles of Islam today. Join Reggie, Tysha and Raj from Five Pillars as we take a closer look at Shariah Investments and help you differentiate between regular investing and Shariah Investing for your own needs!

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Islamic Finance: The Only Moral Way To Invest? [Chills 107 with Hakim & Ridhwaan]

Despite the name ‘Islamic finance’, it’s not just for Muslims! What is the Islamic view on money and what are some values of Islamic finance that we can learn and apply in our own personal finance?

In Part 1 of this mini series on Islamic finance, join TFC host Andrew and co-host Raj from Five Pillars as we discuss all about Islamic finance along with our guests Ridhwaan and Hakim from IF@SG (Islamic Finance Singapore), an organisation that aims to be the source of reference for Islamic Finance to the Muslim community in Singapore.

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Is There A Better Way To CNY? [Chills 106 with Chris & Kenny]

Back when we were kids, our elders taught us how to CNY their way, from NOT sweeping the floors to saving ALL our angbao money. But is that really the ONLY way to CNY or is there a BETTER way? Let’s FIND OUT together with our guests Chris aka HoneyMoneySG and REIT specialist Kenny Loh!

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Audience’s Favs

ft. Investment Moats's Kyith

This session gives you the scoop on tips and tricks to managing your plan, key things to look for in a financial advisor and much more!

ft. @KelvinLearnsInvesting

Will it ever come a day where Kelvin masters investing?

ft. LDR Couple

Dating On A Budget : is LDR the answer to it? Is this a new budget dating strategy?

ft. @HoneyMoneySG & @MoneySG

The reality is inflation may be here longer than we’d like. How can you Personally deal with inflation? Learn from well-known REIT Investor.

SG's Female Finfluencer

From blogger to finfluencer; learn how you should avoid become someone else’s exit liquidity.

Ft ThatPropertyGuy

What if we told you that you might not be considering the most important factor about your HDB yet.

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