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chill with tfc

Chill With TFC

In this series, we bring on interesting, relevant people to help you learn better from various perspectives. Life is not always about learning from people that you already agree with. We believe perspectives shape a rounder thinker. 

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Ep 9: Will Decentralised Finance take over Traditional Financial System? – Arthur Cheong from DeFiance Capital

In episode #9 of Chills w TFC, we bring on one of the leaders in the decentralised finance crypto space. He was an oil trader turn crypto investor. Today, he runs his own cryptoasset investment fund. Join me as I chill with Arthur Cheong from DeFiance Capital to discuss about the broad view of the crypto market. What is going on? What is blockchain? What are the different types of coins and what do they do? Where is the money going into? Where does bitcoin stand in this whole equation? Where does he sees the future? Tune in to find out!

Ep 8: Do Concentrated Portfolios Perform Better? – Chris Lee Susanto from Re-thinkwealth

In episode #8 of Chills w TFC, we bring on a very popular investment blogger. He runs counter to the broadly diversified portfolio beliefs and has a very concentrated portfolio. But, how does he go about doing it? And can he outperform the market? Join me as I chill with Chris Lee Susanto from Re-thinkwealth blog to discuss about the concentrated portfolio strategy. What are some key factors to look out for in a high quality company? How to hunt for high quality companies? Is valuation really that important in investing? How to evaluate whether the management and business is good? Tune in to find out!

Ep 7: Why some Leasehold Properties Don’t Depreciate Much Overtime? – Maureen from Abiel Real Estate Fund

In episode #7 of Chills w TFC, we bring on the CEO and founder from Abiel Real Estate Fund, Maureen Li. She is a seasoned commercial and residential property investor with years of experience in Australia and Singapore property markets. Join me as I chill with Maureen and discuss how we should look at leasehold HDBs and Condos. Should you get HDB before you get Condo? Why do some people buy HDB even when they can afford Condos? What is the tenure you should consider buying and selling? Why is it that some leasehold properties don’t depreciate much even as they age? Tune in to find out!

Ep 6: How to Use Bonds to Enhance Your Portfolio? – Chuin Ting from MoneyOwl

In episode #6 of Chills w TFC, we bring on the CEO of a company that has been leading the charge in the local financial social enterprise scene. In investing, stocks often steal the limelight, while bonds are often the sidekick. Most of us don’t pay much attention to bonds. However, they can actually play an important role in your portfolio. Join me as I chill with Chuin Ting from Money Owl and dig her brain to understand how bond works. Bonds have a very different way of making money. But, how exactly do they make money? How can you pick your own bond fund? Can you make money in the current bond environment where there’s a lot of negative yield? Tune in to find out!

Ep 5: Why are some Stocks Short-Term Expensive, Long-Term Cheap – Ser Jing from The Good Investors

In episode #5 of Chills w TFC, we bring on someone that took the path less traveled. He found his way from being a stock-picking enthusiast to becoming a fund manager and running a very popular stock picking blog. Join me as I chill with Ser Jing from The Good Investors blog and discuss topics surrounding growth and value investing. When to sell stocks? Are there any industries that are in a long-term secular decline? How highly does valuation come into play in the buying process? Why are some stocks short term expensive, but long term cheap? What are some key concerns buying Chinese companies? How he search for good stock bargains? Tune in to find out!

Ep 4: Should Singaporeans invest locally or abroad? – Freddy from Stashaway

In episode #4 of Chills w TFC, we bring on the co-founder and the chief investment officer of a company that has dominated the Robo-Advisor scene in Singapore since 2016. Join me as I chill with Freddy Lim from Stashaway to give you a broad overview of the markets and major investment themes for 2021. Will the US-China dispute continue to affect your investments? Can China’s financial markets finally be trusted? Will the US be able to keep giving us good returns over time? Or are we too late to join massive tech disruptor growth like Tesla and Bitcoin? How should Singaporeans look to invest locally and abroad? Tune in to find out!

Ep 3: Must you Invest to Retire Early? – Kyith from Investment Moats

In episode #3 of Chills w TFC, we bring on one of Singapore’s most popular investing blogger. He offers much insights to both season and new investors. What’s even more impressive is that he publishes his portfolio on his website. Join me as I chill with Kyith from Investment Moats. He shares some important habits someone a new investor should have. You also get to hear why he finally decided to venture into USA’s and Hong Kong’s stock market after being in the local market for so long. Many people think that you have to invest to retire. BUT, he shares a different point of view. Not everyone has to be an investor to build wealth. Tune in to find out why.

Ep 2: “FIRE is overrated! Manage your finances to live your best life.” – Christopher Tan from Providend

In episode #2 of Chills w TFC, we bring on a powerhouse in Singapore’s Financial Planning space. He took off against the tide to run Singapore’s 1st Fee-only financial planning firm, meaning he does not make a commission off his recommendations. Everyone has their “Ideal life” and in that process, we seek to set up our finances to fulfill the life we love, but he thinks many are taking things to the extreme and may unknowingly be spending too much in this pursuit. Join me as I chill with Christopher Tan from Providend to dig his brains into how he thinks about managing life alongside finances and help you figure better strategies on your journey.

Ep 1: Perspectives from Young Kickstarters – Ava & Dylan Soh (One Kind House)

Dylan and Ava, although very young in their teens, have done multiple Ted Talks and run numerous successful kickstarter projects, such as One Kind block and GIY Stick. In this episode, they share how they manage their lives and their perspectives on various aspects of life. They also talk about how education, learning and growth is envision in their family, and how all these has help to shape them to become who they are today.