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Gerald Yummy Bros [OES S01E07]

Starting a business is not easy, starting one which you have absolutely no interest in makes it worse. That was what Gerald went through when he started dabbling in the fashion business amidst the rise of blogshops in 2014. After 3 years of disappointment and embarrassment, he finally called it quits.

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Chris Bootle’s [OES S01E06]

Most of us often think that one needs a grand idea to start a business and become an entrepreneur. Chris doesn’t think so. Unlike many entrepreneurs who started their own businesses, he ventured into entrepreneurship as a volunteer at Edible Garden City, a social enterprise that focuses on horticulture and education in Singapore.

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Faith 8XP [OES S01E05]

In recent years, China has been perceived as an emerging superpower and people around the world have been trying their hand at doing business there. Faith was one of them but a conversation with a local made her realise the stark difference in the local culture compared to Singapore’s.

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Azurah Lokalfeed

Struggle Between Personal Beliefs And Business – Azurah From Lokalfeed [OES S01E03] Sometimes, the biggest obstacle you face is yourself. That was what prompted Azurah to close down her wildly successful cafe Wilder, a...

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Our Entrepreneurshit Show


Coming Soon: Our Entrepreneurshit Show

A preview of the upcoming series from The Financial Coconut. Listen as Reggie guides you through intimate and raw conversations behind what it takes to grow a business. You’ll hear some of highlights from the best juices from the series, where entrepreneurs where they share candid stories on the failures, struggles, successes.