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Ep 5: Can Asian Hedge Funds take over the world? (w Bryan)

The rise of Asia cannot be more vivid in the recent decade but is that case in the fund space? Are we seeing big Asia based funds rising through the AUM ladder fast? Will the capital in Asia someday supersede that of the west and lead the pack globally? Bryan, an experienced fund manager that works for a Family office is here with us today, he has secured deals all over the world with notable big names with cannot be named (Something to do with space ships and a famous guy :p). We are excited to have him see into the crystal ball to predict the future of Asia funds, and share with us the investment culture and palate of Asians vs the leading West. We are hoping this gives you some insights towards what kind of Hedge Funds will fit your drive, hunger, and rigor!

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Ep 4: Do Hedge Fund Managers stare at screens all-day? (w Ten X)

Ten X is back with us today to break down what do they actually do on a day to day basis. In a world where popular media prevail, many have this thought that traders or fund managers are always “doing work”, placing trades and executing top secret strategies through that little computer panel on their designated desk. Is that reality? Once and for all today, we shall bring you into their world, their work, their office gossips, their lifestyle.

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Ep 3: How can an Average Joe break their way into a Hedge Fund career? (w Chun)

Amidst all the flare and vibes of a career in the financial world, the question many will have is, can I? Do I have what it takes to be part of this space? Do I need to be a top scorer of my cohort? Do I need some insider connection to get a foot in the door? Do I need to stack multiple internships during my holidays? Do I need a fancy resume to even be considered? Today we break down these questions with Chun, a self-proclaimed humble background trader cum coder in an Algo-trading firm. His journey was long and winding, hopping around before finding his sponsor to help him break into the fast-growing space of Algo-trading.

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Ep 2: Why Hedge Funds Outperform for retail market? (w Jeff)

Hedge Funds beat the market all the time? Or do they all die under the power of the Index Fund? What are some of the secrets that we will never ever get to know off as an outsider? Do they actually have an advantage compared to you and I, the retail guys? In this episode, we join Jeff, a fast-rising Quant Trader from a popular European Bank, to explore some of the strategies used within the Hedge fund space. In the pursuit of beating the market and profiting, what do fund managers actually do? We are sure you will love today’s episode!

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Ep 1: Are Hedge Funds an Impenetrable Exclusive Circle

Hedge Funds, at times has mystical vibes to them as if only the creme de la creme can penetrate into it. If you share that sense, you are not alone, but how do we then get a foot in the door? Will a good internship give you that edge? How do you get your champion and sponsor to push you through that seemingly impenetrable circle? In the first episode of this special series, we are joined with TenX (clearly pseudo name), an experienced hedge fund analyst that recently made a switch into one of the leading E-commerce company in ASEAN, relocating himself from Tokyo back to Singapore amidst a pandemic. Allow him to share with you a glimpse into this space and the inner workings of the Hedge Fund talent market.