Month: April 2022

A Green Energy Company With Both Growth & Dividends? Check out NextEra Energy Partners $NEE [SGO 34 Sponsored By ProsperUs]

A growth AND dividend stock? Sounds too good to be true but yes, this company is a stable income stock that has a large & consistent growth potential. It is none other than NextEra Energy Partners, a yieldco backed by NextEra Energy, one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world. Could this be your foray into the green economy?

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Can Home Depot Continue With Its Pandemic Winning Streak? $HD [SGO 33 Sponsored By ProsperUs]

With a total addressable market of US$900 billion, Home Depot is certainly a leader in the home improvement space. In fact, it is the world’s largest home improvement company! It has benefited massively from the pandemic but the story may not be over. Join us as we geek out on Home Depot with Timothy Phillips, the head of content and investment lead at ProsperUs by CGS-CIMB Securities!

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Is The Consumer A Rational Actor? [Chills 67 with Jamus Lim]

What governs your thought process behind every financial decision you make? Do you truly believe you are an independent decision-maker, or are there other agents at play in the financial market? To answer these thought-provoking questions, we need to dive into the study of economics and learn how human behaviour can be modeled from the interactions between economic agents in the economy.

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