Month: January 2022

This is How You Protect The Value Of Your Money [TFC 127]

News of rising inflation getting you down? Not sure if/how inflation can affect you? Instead of repeating what most experts are saying about inflation, we decided to go into a comprehensive discussion on how inflation can affect the prices of our daily essentials: goods, services & assets and more importantly, what you can do to mitigate any inflation risk you may face.

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Women Are More Financially-Conservative, Yet Their Investments Are More Profitable? [Chills 53 with Tanya Rolfe]

Did you know that women-led startups receive only 2.5% of VC (venture capital) funding worldwide? Why is there such a disparity? Having been on both sides of the table as a past venture capitalist funding various startups and a fundraiser for her VC fund, our guest Tanya Rolfe (co-founder of shares her thoughts and insights on the challenges that female entrepreneurs face, practical advice for female founders and why she thinks that women can be a great asset in the male-dominated finance world.

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Have You Forgotten Your Investor’s Mindset? [TFC 126]

As we chug along in our investing journey, it is inevitable that we would encounter obstacles that would challenge our investing thesis & mindset. The market is ever-changing so what are some basic investors’ mindsets to internalise and bear in mind so that we can remain steady even if it seems like a rocky road ahead? This episode serves as a reminder for fellow retail investors who may feel overwhelmed with the current market climate.

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