Month: August 2021

How To Make CPF Investment Schemes Work For You [TFC 105]

Most Singaporeans think that the money in your CPF “cannot touch until you retire”, but did you know you can actually use the money in your CPF accounts to invest? The discussion on CPFIS, or CPF Investment Schemes has been polarising to say the least: people either love it or hate it. How should we view CPFIS and what are some key pointers to consider when investing through your CPF? The Financial Coconut has some advice for you in TFC 105!

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Stock Geekout: Sea Limited Part One – Garena [Chills 33 Sponsored By SteadyCompounding]

This is a special TFC Chills x Stock Geekout (SGO) episode as we give you a sneak peek into an upcoming SGO episode! Together with Thomas Chua, founder of, we deep dive into one of the most promising companies in the current market: Sea Limited. This is Part One of the SGO episode where we analyse Garena, its gaming arm and also its cash cow as it produces more than 90% of Sea Limited’s revenue. How is it possible that a mobile game is able to fuel its other businesses – popular e-commerce platform Shopee and FinTech business SeaMoney? What sets Garena apart from its competitors? How should we assess the sustainability of Garena’s business?

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3 Ways To Optimize Your CPF Accounts [TFC 104]

CPF is an acronym that every working adult in Singapore knows but not many are familiar with its inner workings. Other than 37% of your monthly income as the mandatory CPF contribution, did you know that there are other ways to optimize your CPF accounts even further? TFC 104 explores 3 ways on how you can make your money in CPF work for you!

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