Month: November 2020

Ep 65: What is next after you have achieved your financial goals? (with Randall Chong, Books Beyond Borders)

In episode #65, we explore what is next after achieving your financial goals.  As we embark on this pursuit of financial progress, sometimes wonder, is this all there is to life? I think we all can agree there is more to life than more money, but how many of us dared to drop our familiar cycles to embark on the path less traveled, starting a social enterprise? Today I am bringing on a very Randall, the founder of Books Beyond Borders as we explore: Is there more to money in the pursuit of life? Does being a social entrepreneur mean that you sacrifice financially? Can social enterprises ever be profitable? How much is enough and where does one get the strength to pivot their whole life? 

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Ep 64: 3 Kinds of Financial Advice to be wary of

In episode #64, we share 3 kinds of financial advice to be wary of. In a world where information is always bombarding you, it is important to take extra precaution for certain financial advice. Because following them blindly can potentially be very costly. Tune in today as we explore: Are there absolute truths and “best”? How do we decide which advice works for us? Why we should recognise probability when listening to advice? How to tell if an advice has logical flow?

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Ep 63: 2020 US Election Special – How will it affect your Investments and your life?!

We interject the regular episodes to bring you this highly sought after discussion. As more Singaporeans are invested in the US and with close to 50% of all stock market capitalization now in the US, many are wondering what is going to happen going forward! One thing to start, we are assuming a Biden Victory, Republican Senate, and a Dem House which is a super important assumption in our discussion as we explore: Will your portfolio see a direct impact from a change in the presidency? Can the US tide through the economic challenges and pandemic? Do you need to adjust your portfolio now? Will the US stock market crash? Is weed the biggest winner of the US election?

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